The Magical Genie just oozed out of his lamp and asked where in the world do I want to go? At this very moment due to the high volume at work, the constant nagging of  my adolescent son and lets not forget the stress of planning a wedding and this damn dieting. The R&R genie is right on time! When I just want to relax and have a good time  I would prefer a place that I have visited before and know exactly what I’m getting myself into. No surprises here! Rest and relaxation is not fully accomplished when you have to worry about what the beach, resort, people and food will be like. Cancun is my go to place, all the critiquing has been made, my mind is made up. Cancun is my home away from home, my affordable paradisus. “Mi amor, oh how I miss thee.” Hotel ME, Maxim Beach, beach bootys, authentic fajitas, top shelf margaritas. What more can you ask for! Now is not the time to be kid friendly, no PG13, I need an adults-only party! Tell mi amigos Juan and Carlos to have the Herradura on deck and a nice cold Corona to wash it down with. Mama’s coming home!



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