A great destination wedding spot

8dfd4e2586bc859b51b2bdf7c3766bccI know planning a wedding can be stressful, hair pulling, nail biting and just down right dirty! I thought a destination wedding would be much easier than I have encountered thus far. Once we find a great resort seems either the price or the date just does not work. We thought we were ahead of the game by planning this a year in advance but boy were we wrong! I guess great minds think alike. I am just ready to finally find a place and resort so we can get to the good part; you know taking nice pictures, sending invitations, getting head counts, that’s the easy part. Making sure my resort and wedding is not a total flop and finding a legit travel agent is the hard part. The last two vacations we went on just made us think before booking. We no longer just look at the nice professional pictures on the hotel websites. No! Let’s get down to the “niddy griddy!” I am constantly on trip adviser reading every review, looking at every picture. We pretty much base our hotel bookings off reviews. People please review these restaurants and hotels. We need you guys! Customers want to know what they are getting into. Especially me, I work hard for the money and I would like to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor. Reviewers make my life so much better. If there is a hotel that doesn’t have many reviews I will not book. I just think it is a sign for total disaster! I am kind of a believer in a vacation is what you make it but this is just not a vacation, we’re talking about my wedding here. I consider myself a laid back person and everything doesn’t have to be perfect but I feel like I’m going to turn into”Broomzilla” if folks half-ass my wedding. I decided to have the destination wedding trusting that we pick the perfect resort with wedding planners who know what they are doing. I was emailing back and forth the other day, a 5 star resort and the lady asked me what’s the date for my wedding in all 5 emails she sent. I thought we were passed the date two emails ago! If you can’t get a date correct I know you can’t get my wedding correct. I let her make it on email number one, thinking maybe it was a language barrier or maybe she just read over it. No!

images (4)If you manage a resort in another country besides the USA please ensure you have a person who speaks English especially in the wedding planning department. You’re loosing money!

images (1)


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