Don’t ask me to do shit this weekend!

I say this every weekend and end up doing shit. I tell my fiancèe every weekend I do not want to do nothing but REST this weekend. I think she may speak a different language because I don’t think she gets it. Every hump day I seem to say “don’t ask me to do shit because I’m not doing shit” and still end up spending my entire weekend exhausted as if I worked an eight hour shift. Either it’s “can you go with me to Kroger” or “my friend having a party” or ” they want to meet up and hang.” No! No! No! I told you this on Wednesday that I wasn’t doing shit! I work all week only to fantasize about laying in my bed all day watching Netflix and eating sushi on the weekends. Why can’t I be free, why can’t I do nothing at least one day out the week? These are the questions I ask myself when she ask “can we go to TJ Max, I’m just looking for some sheets” after we go to the corner store for gas and end up at home 5 hours late. Bamboozled! I then spend the rest of my Saturday feeling like I’ve been walking around a 50 acres water park in the middle of a hot Texas day. Then Sunday I have to recover from Saturday so I don’t wake up until mid day then my ENTIRE day is gone! Wasted a day in recovery from TJ Max. Now, I’m left thinking about how I have to start this week all over again.




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