Why are you talking to me?

Why do people feel it’s okay to talk to me in the mornings? If the time doesn’t have two digits yet, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID! What could we possibly have to discuss prior to 10 am?  My brain-emotions are not connected correctly in the mornings. My serotonin is running real low. You may say “good morning” and it sounds like ” wanna fight” to me. Call me NWA I feel like Kanye!o-KANYE-WEST-facebook.jpgNow my current company has to cut back on coffee, so my attitude has gotten real bad. Just my luck I work for one of the broke fortune 500 companies. So you take all the coffee then you take the coffee machines out, so we can’t make our own coffee. Then you take all the cups out, what’s next the water fountains! Someone please let the plant manager know it’s 100° outside. If I pass out I’m pressing charges and then I’m suing y’all broke asses. I wish they would stop sending stupid morning announcements to my email, with the CEO cheesing like everything is peaches and cream. I’m going to reply and ask what exactly are you grinning about, you can’t even provide us with coffee, cups, or water! Why are you so damn happy? Maybe they’re trying to subconsciously make me happy with his subliminal smile. Guess what? Not working! In fact it’s doing the total opposite. I’m telling y’all my brain-emotion connection does not work correctly prior to 10 am. I think I may need to go get this checked out


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