Music Awards are Dead

Whatever happened to real music award shows? I think they died in the 90’s, along with real music. MTV Video Awards use to be a show to look forward to if you enjoy music. Now I would rather watch Naked and Afraid. What’s up with all the talking shit and extra adlibs in between performances. I would rather watch commercials, like old times. The singers dance around so damn much you can’t even hear them really sing, I guess that’s why they all lip sync. They should leave the bouncing and jumping around the stage to the background dancers! Even the rappers are bouncing around “Young Thugging.” Pull your pants up and put some milk in that bottle, I think you maybe too high to perform. On another note, why do they have these grown ass men talking about tweeting and hash tagging a bunch of corny things about performances. The shit is not even funny! Just stop it! I’m not going to get  on the chick on the mic with the squeaky voice and bad weave backstage, but can you say – Annoying! The Video Music Awards was on my bucket list until now.


Kanye West’s new video, OMG. I don’t know how the song sounded, all I seen was Teyana Taylor’s ass everywhere. He is amazingly creative, but that video was way too much for the kids. Way too much for MTV, basic cable, TV, radio and internet. This is why my son can’t watch any channel besides Disney. I confiscated his remote he will never watch MTV, videos or award shows until he is 18 years old. I thought I was watching a porno but all the lights were on and my room door was still open. Thanks Kanye for the quickie but MTV should have known better than to air that uncut video during prime time. Oh,  and what the hell was his beginning speech about? I missed the whole thing and I’ve been sitting here in the same spot the entire time. I was waiting to see what he had to say because it looked like it was going to be good. I guess the crowd’s energy was a bit too much for him. Beyonce the only one worth watching and Alicia Keys the only one with some damn sense these days. Fuck these awards!




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