Los Cabos – Riu

My fiancee’ and I decided to take a mini vacation since we never went to Cabos and the flights were cheap. Spirit flights were not even $200 for a round trip. My first time riding Spirit Airlines. The flight was okay for the price we paid; I just made damn sure I printed my boarding pass at home, my backpack was stuffed to capacity and I brought my own bottle water and peanuts! We stayed at Riu Santa Fe resort due to the good reviews and pricing. At first we were going back and forth between Riu Santa Fe and Riu Palace. Let’s just say after this visit I wish we would of spent the extra 100 bucks and booked the Palace. The hotel was overall average, Mehh. The room was overall clean, it was just hot and we had to continuously walk outdoors in order to get everywhere. The wifi only worked in the main lobby so we had to get hot and sticky in order to use the wifi. The food was not for me, the hotel was just entirely too big for a couple trying to go on a small vacation to relax. This hotel is more family oriented like a Carnival Cruise ship. With fucking kids running around everywhere looking like they haven’t ate in a week. They did not offer 24 hour room service, they might of had some cheap vodka stocked in the room but that was it. I don’t drink the cheap shit! We had to hitch a ride to the local taco house so we wouldn’t starve to death. The taco house was delicious, authentic Mexican tacos with real salsa verde’ and Mexican Coke, with real fucking sugar! We were able to book a reservation in one of the restaurants for our last nights stay, the food was the best the entire 5 days there. While in the airport our transportation convinced my fiancee’ to signup for a timeshare seminar and we could get zip-lining and jet-skis for $50. After visiting the beautiful timeshare resort and drinking their great margaritas, unfortunately purchasing a timeshare was not in the budget. After telling these vultures we were not giving away our money, they tried to kick us out without our excursion vouchers. Talk about rude! I didn’t walk around this hot ass resort for a damn margarita! The tide was entirely too high to swim in the water unless you were a professional swimmer and the pools were too noisy. The sand on the beach was extremely rocky, it felt as though you were walking on broken seashells.The day we scheduled our jet-skis it looked like a damn hurricane was about to tear the beach apart. The ocean was swaying back and forth and the skies were dark, I thought it was a scene from “The Perfect Storm”. There was no way in hell or Earth that I was getting on a jet ski and going anywhere!  The next day, we ended up going next door to eat breakfast at the Palace and they’re not exactly royalty over there either. We layed up at the pool at the Palace for an hour before we were kicked out and told to go back next door. Like damn, I thought Riu was Riu, we can eat over here but can’t chill and drink the same weak ass drinks over here. So yea, we spent our days being hungry and hot!


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