“The Level” Dominican Republic

It was my birthday and I couldn’t have picked a worse place to visit. It took almost 3 hours just to check-in for a reservation booked 6 months in advance. The entire resort was entirely too big. I had a “The Level” wristband on but I thought I was one of the bugs or something because I did not receive “The Level” customer service acclaimed on the website the entire 5 days stay.The workers passed us up on the golf carts as if we were invisible. We only had one guy Santiago, on the beach who took care of us. The food was horrible, not worth taking a picture of. The club next door was whack, we were made to believe it was so hype only to go inside to a freezing club with no one there and the owner to look at us like we were going to rob the place! Everything inside the hotel shut down at 8pm, so we were bored out of our minds! There was no room service and if it was we probably wouldn’t have received our food until the next day. It was just an overall horrible experience. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. If you are going to Dominican to have a good time this place is a waste of time and money.  Why all the reviews I read  had nothing but great things to say about this resort – what the hell was ya’ll smoking on? Is the real question…

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I posted a review similar on a review website and received a massive amount of hits in a matter of days. Let’s just say Hotel Melia’s management was not too happy with me! Ask me if I care. They pretty much ruined my 30th birthday, I can never get that day back. I should have followed my first mind and just went to Cancun or Costa Rica like we had planned. I don’t know if it was the rude ass people or the gigantic hotel and rude ass workers but I don’t ever wanna see Dominican Republic again. Then “The Level” manager inboxes me and ask if we could have a conversation about my stay with them. He claims he was not the manager at the time and that if I come back he will ensure a better experience- Doubtful! Of course you weren’t the manager when I came – I would have said the same thing! I don’t even know if I would go back to Dominican even if you gave me a free flight and hotel. The flight was horrible as well. I’ve flown all over the globe including over the terror mountains in Afghanistan in a black hawk, but this American Airlines flight from Miami to Dominican was by far the worst experience ever. It was know where near hurricane season, and I thought I was on a roller coaster. I just knew this was it for me! I knew we were going down! So after about five Tito’s and cranberry juice, I was good to go. So when the resort manager ask if I would be interested in visiting the resort again on them – No! First impressions are lasting impressions, Dominican Republic is just rude and American Airlines is dangerous.


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